From Pastor Jo


The signs of the season…


The signs of the season are all around us. By the time most of you read this letter, family Thanksgiving dinners will have been enjoyed, the leftovers packed up and refrigerated for future use, and our attention will be focused on the hustle and bustle of preparing our homes and lives for the coming of Christ – or will it?


It’s true. There are plenty of signs of the season out there right now, but of what season? If we were to assess what Advent and Christmas are all about based on the signs that we are currently experiencing around us, we would probably decide that Christmas is predominantly concerned with buying and selling and consuming, or at the very least, decorating and partying to the “nth” degree. And while these things may benefit the economy and be fun too, these really aren’t the signs we should be looking for when we think of the church. Beautifully decorated Christmas trees, Santa Claus, the singing of Christmas carols, and the exorbitant sums of money that exchange hands at this time of year are not the true signs of what is coming. We know that, yet it’s so hard not to be caught up in what is all around us.


But while the culture around us prepares for Christmas with parties and purchases, we, in the church, look for those signs that speak of a new day when every day of the year will be Christmas – the day when God’s reign comes to us bringing hope and healing and peace.   We look for those signs that are deep, solid, and lasting; that Jesus is coming, and with him, a totally new way of living our lives. And, in the midst of what has become a very secular holiday, we look for the signs that our faith – our commitment – our part in being God’s people – actually make a difference in the world and in our lives.


Those signs won’t be found in the feel-good, warm and fuzzy celebration of Christmas that the culture foists on us, but in our own hearts, in the company of one another, as we worship, pray, and wait with great anticipation for the coming of God’s reign among us with the birth of Jesus Christ. So, throughout this Advent season, let us come and worship…


Blessings and Peace in this season of Hope and Anticipation…

Pastor Jo










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